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Safety Information


Safety is very important and we care about your safety and your children's safety which is why we invest in the PIPA testing scheme so you can be assured our castles are as safe as they can possibly be.

The majority of users of our bouncy castles are children who don’t see any dangers or risks.

Which is why every site is assessed on arrival and if it’s not safe to use a bouncy castle then it will not be set up.

The most common problem we come across is size.

A customer orders a 12ft x 12ft castle and the garden is only 12ft, so doesn’t fit.

Space is required all round the castle for safety and access.

 More space is required at the front of the castle to allow space for mats, shoes and easier access onto the castle step.


All our inflatables are tested annually to British Standards - BS EN 14960 and PIPA tagged.

All our castles test certificates can be checked via the PIPA online database with their serial number.

What is PIPA? - PIPA is an inspection scheme set up by the inflatable play industry to ensure that inflatable equipment conforms to recognised safety standards.

From the PIPA website you can check when an inflatable was last tested, if its in date, the size of the inflatable, how many people can use it and who tested it.

The PIPA scheme delivers:

Improved safety for users

HSE recognised best practice

Quality assurance

Certified annual testing

Click for more information on the PIPA scheme 

All our electrical items are PAT tested annually, by MrPattastic

We have £5 million public liability insurance.

We operate a strict wind policy. If the Met Office forecast wind speeds or gusts above 24 mph for your post code area then we will cancel the hire. Using any inflatable in wind speeds over 24 mph in dangerous and liable to blow away. More information can be found on our weather page.

On grass we will secure the inflatable with metals pegs and for indoors we use sandbags.

Sandbags should NEVER be used outside to secure an inflatable, it could blow away.

Adult castles are designed and built to be stronger and bigger to cope with the extra weight.

A childs castle is designed for use by children only.

Please get in touch if you require advice on any safety issues.

Bouncy castles are extremely safe if set up and used correctly.

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